Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova


Regarding the cooperation with the EU in the field of energy, the Republic of Moldova has set the following priorities:

  • Integration into the EU energy market, including full participation in the Energy Community Treaty, including by signing in June 2017 the Agreement on conditions for interconnection of the energy system of the Republic of Moldova with the mainland energy system, ie the ENTSO-E system its implementation being 6 years) and eventual membership of ENTSO-G;
  • obtaining and capitalizing on the support given by the European Union in the implementation of projects to diversify the sources of supply of RM with energy resources (pipeline construction, electrical interconnections, development of energy efficiency projects, investments in alternative resources).

The process of legislative harmonization is facilitated by Moldova's participation in the Energy Community Treaty. By adhering to the Treaty, Moldova has committed to implementing the energy packages II and III, for the latter achieving a derogation by 2020 from the deadline set for other partner countries in the part related to the separation of transport activities from production and supply on the gas market (Article 9, Directive 2009/73 concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas).

Also, in October 2015, Moldova joined the Central and Southeast European Gas Interconnection Initiative (CESEC), launched in February 2015, aiming to help improve the investment climate in EU countries and member countries of the Energy Community by creating a stable regulatory and market environment in the natural gas sector. Affiliation to this initiative encourages closer integration with the energy markets of the EU and the Energy Community.

At the same time, in 2015 the Republic of Moldova joined the Eastern Partnership Regional Fund E5P.