Implementation of the Association Agreement

The National Actions Plan for implementing the Association Agreement contains key cooperation priorities in order to ensure the political association and economic integration with EU and represents the basic instrument for monitoring the European integration process. In this context, the National Plan contains the necessary measures which have to be realised by the institutions according to each article/ stipulation and Annexes of the Association Agreement, including the part regarding the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area in the indicated terms and with mention about the necessary financial resources.

The Plan is elaborated on basis of proposals from authorities and public debates organized by the MFAEI for each title/ apart field.

The first Nations Actions Plan was approved by Government on 25th of July 2014, being revised in 2015. Of all actions stipulated in the Plan, 73,73% were realized.

On 26th of December, the Government approved the second National Actions Plan for Implementing the Association Agreement for the years 2017-2019, being later revised in the first half of 2018.