Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova

Official Delegations Lounge of the Airport

Facilities to use the Official Delegations Hall are granted in strict compliance with rules on aviation safety, border and customs regulations and other legal provisions in force.

Diplomatic and service passport holders are subject to usual airport security check (also their cabin baggage). Diplomatic bags bearing distinct visible external signs are not subject of control.

According to the Government Decision no. 930 of 15.08.2006, certain categories of dignitaries can pass through the Official Delegation Hall of the Chisinau International Airport (ODH) who arrive in the Republic of Moldova on the occasion of state, official or working visits, as well as to participate in conferences or meetings organized or hosted by the Republic of Moldova.

The State Diplomatic Protocol Directorate will coordinate the provision of the ODH only to the holders of the positions listed in point 1, annex no. 2 of the Government Decision no. 930 of 15.08.2006, beneficiaries of free ODH services, as follows:

- Heads of State;

- Heads of Government;

- Ministers of Foreign Affairs;

- Presidents of the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament;

- Secretaries General of International Organizations;

- European Commissioners responsible for Foreign Policy and European Integration;

- Heads of Diplomatic Missions, Representatives of International Organizations accredited to the Republic of Moldova, upon arrival for accreditation and upon final departure from the country.

Requests for ODH services against payment, for Heads of Diplomatic Missions and Representations of International Organizations, shall be addressed directly to the State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova (, with a copy to the Official Delegation Hall of the Chisinau International Airport (, tel. +373 22 525 134) and mentioning the responsible contact person within the Mission, while requests for ODH reservation for visits to the Republic of Moldova of foreign dignitaries, who are not included in the above mentioned list, shall be submitted through the counterpart institutions, at the invitation of which the visit takes place.




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