Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova

Negotiating a new agreement

The dialogue with the EU on the future legal framework for replacing the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, signed in 1994, was initiated in 2008.

The mandate of the Republic of Moldova for negotiation with the EU of the future Association Agreement was approved by Government Decision no. 680 of 13 November 2009. Based on the observance of all the procedures provided by the legislation in force, including the consultation of the Moldovan Parliament's Foreign Policy Committee, the negotiations on the draft Agreement between the RM and the European Union were initiated by the Decree of the Interim President of the Republic of Moldova no. 67 of 17.11.2009.

Negotiations on the Association Agreement were launched on 12 January 2010 and were provisionally concluded after 15 plenary rounds of negotiations in June 2013 and those on the Comprehensive and Comprehensive Free Trade Area between the RM and the EU as part of the Association Agreement were initiated in January 2012 and provisionally finalized after 7 rounds of negotiations in July 2013.

The initialling of the Agreement at the Vilnius Summit of the Eastern Partnership, held on 28-29 November 2013, marked formally the conclusion of negotiations on the text of the Agreement. The initialling was followed by the technical procedure for verifying legal compliance and the translation of the Agreement into all the languages of the parties, and then by the approval by the EU Council for signature on 27 June 2014 in Brussels.