Moldova's priorities for cooperation with European Union in the field of transport are broadly aimed at creating the necessary conditions for integration into the EU's internal market in this area (priority being given to the aviation and road transport services sector), including by supporting the development and modernization of the sector.

The dialogue in this sense is conducted both bilaterally and multilaterally:


  • In the Republic of Moldova - Association Agreement there is a special chapter with stipulations regarding cooperation in the transport sector with following objectives:
  1. Durable transports systems development;
  2. Promotion of efficient transport operations, respecting the safety requirements and ensuring the systems interoperability;
  3. Building transport connections.


  • The experts from the Republic of Molodva participate actively at the Transport Panel within the Eastern Partnership. Within this framework it is analyzed the possibility to integrate the Republic of Moldova in the internal transport market of the EU, including the infrastructure development which could facilitate access to the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).
  • As a result, at the end of the year 2017, the Republic of Moldova and the European Union agreed the roads and railways to be included in the TEN-T network map, approved at the Ministerial Meeting of Eastern Partnership in the transports field in October 2013.