Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova

Marriages in the Republic of Moldova

The completion of a marriage takes place at the body of civil status under the joint declaration of the future spouses. To complete a marriage between a foreign citizen and a citizen of the Republic of Moldova will be submitted the following documents:

  • declaration of marriage submitted by both spouses;
  • identification cards of the future spouses and their photocopies;
  • birth certificates of prospective spouses (or duplicates of certificates of birth) and their photocopies;
  • prenuptial medical certificate;
  • documents confirming the termination of previous marriage (certificates or duplicates of certificates of divorce or death of the spouse of previous marriage, the divorce court orders issued abroad) and copies after them (as appropriate);  
  • evidence issued by the authorities of the foreign state, from which results that the foreign citizen meets the requirements of his/her state and can complete a marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Moldova.   


Identification cards of foreign citizens and stateless persons with residence abroad must bear the stamp of entry in the Republic of Moldova and visa, if necessary, and an annex on their residence in the Republic of Moldova.

All documents issued by the authorities of the foreign state should be legalized, except countries with which the Republic of Moldova has signed international treaties which cancel the procedure of legalization.