Consulat Onorific

Honorary Consulate

Please be informed on the procedures related to the inauguration of an Honorary Consulate in the Republic of Moldova, as follows:

Firstly, according to the Vienna Convention on consular relations from 1963, the Government of (the country is going to be represented by the concerned person) should notify officially (by a verbal note) the Republic of Moldova on the intention to inaugurate an Honorary Consulate in Moldova, indicating the city of residence and the consular circumscription (entire territory of the country or a specific region);

After examination, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) of the Republic of Moldova will announce the Embassy of (the country is going to be represented by the concerned person) on the position adopted with regard to the opening of an Honorary Consulate;

In case that the approval is provided, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of (the country is going to be represented by the concerned person) should appoint and notify the MFAEI about the candidate for the position of Honorary Consul. This notification should be accompanied by the candidate’s biographical data and copy of passport;

After completing al necessary internal procedures, the MFAEI will notify the Embassy of (the country is going to be represented by the concerned person) if the respective candidate is accepted as Honorary Consul. In case of acceptance, a consular Patent for the nominated candidate should be issued by relevant (the country is going to be represented by the concerned person) authorities, which will serve as a basis to provide the Exequatur by the MFAEI;

The MFAEI will also provide the accreditation card for the Honorary Consul valid till Exequatur expires.

For any questions concerning the Honorary Consulate please contact State Diplomatic Protocol:

Also, the Regulation regarding the honorary consular officials of other states in the Republic of Moldova and the consular posts headed by them can be found on the MFAEI website at the following link:

The extension of the Exequatur of the Honorary Consul is made on the request of the Embassy of the same state.

The accreditation card is issued based on the Verbal Note from the Honorary Consulate accompanied by:

  • 1 printed form completed, stamped and signed by the head of the mission;
  • 1 photo;
  • 1 legible copy of the valid bulletin;
  • 1 copy of the Exequatur.

NB: The State Diplomatic Protocol reserves the right to request other documents.

Requirements for photos

Photos must be:

  • Color;
  • Printed on photo quality paper;
  • 30mm x 40mm in size;
  • Made within six months until the date of the accreditation request;
  • Made on a white background (without seeing shadows);
  • Faced towards the camera (teeth should not be visible);
  • With a neutral face expression, both eyes open.

Subjects should not:

  • To wear hats or other things that cover the head, only if they are worn daily for religious purposes (the face must be seen in full, without shadows);
  • To wear headphones or wireless devices or something similar;
  • Wear glasses with colored lenses.

Photos will be rejected if:

  • do not meet the above requirements;
  • they are colored children;
  • are digitally scanned from another document;
  • they are instantaneous, of poor quality or are photos from the mobile phone or photos of the whole body.

It is recommended that all passport photographs be taken by professional photography services.

The acceptance of the photographs is at the discretion of the State Diplomatic Protocol.

The period of processing and issuing the accreditation card is up to 15 working days. If the incomplete file is presented, it will be returned.

A request for updating the accreditation card is requested no earlier than 3 months before the expiration of the old one.