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International treaties

"The Republic of Moldova commits to observe the Charter of the United Nations and the treaties to which it is a party, to ground its relationships with other states on the unanimously recognized principles and norms of international law."*

"Wherever disagreements appear between the conventions and treaties on fundamental human rights to which the Republic of Mol­dova is a party and its domestic laws, priority shall be given to international regulations."*

* Excerpts from Articles 4 and 8 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova

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List of treaties

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The texts of international treaties that entered into force for the Republic of Moldova before the entry into force of the Law no. 207 from of 12 July 2013, are published in special editions of the Official Monitor of the Republic of Moldova. As of 24 August 2013 the texts of international treaties that entered into force for the Republic of Moldova are published along with the act of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession in ordinary editions of the Official Monitor. The Decree of the minister of foreign affairs and European integration that brings to public attention the date of entry into force, suspension or termination of an international treaty is published in the Official Monitor.


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