More than 15000 citizens returned to the country in one month, with the help of the Moldovan diplomatic missions

Published on: Wed, 22/04/2020 - 21:43

22 April 2020, Chișinău - Minister of Foreign Affairs and European integration Oleg Țulea presented in a press briefing the latest information on the return of Moldovan citizens and also the financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova in the context of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister stated that, thanks to the efforts of diplomats of the Republic of Moldova, of the Government and the support of foreign partners, in about a month it was possible to organise 130 repatriation missions, out of which 40 - by air and 90 - by land. As a result, 15324 citizens of the Republic of Moldova arrived home in safety.

MFAEI and diplomatic missions will manage the repatriation of citizens in the upcoming weeks.

According to the Decision No. 18 of April 15 of the Commission for Exceptional Situations of the Republic of Moldova, today a London-Chișinău charter flight will be operated and tomorrow, at Chișinău International Airport will land two aircrafts - one from Milan and another one from Moscow. For April 24th, two more repatriation flights will be operated from France, more precisely - from Paris and from Nice, and on April 25th - two more flights - one will repatriate our citizens from Moscow and another from Barcelona. Charter flights from London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Moscow, Istanbul and Dublin are scheduled for next week.

Also, Minister Oleg Țulea mentioned the activity of the MFAEI in supporting the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in mobilising foreign assistance to fight the pandemic of the new coronavirus. At this stage, the Republic of Moldova has received assistance from several states: China, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Russian Federation, France, Japan, Romania, USA, Turkey, European Union, UN, and other countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Sweden expressed the intention to support us.

Among the immediate actions can be mentioned, in particular, the efforts for the reallocation of funds from the current programs implemented by the European Union in the Republic of Moldova, amounting to approximately 87 million euros.

Minister Oleg Țulea claimed that any support coming from outside the country to help Moldova effectively manage the coronavirus pandemic, to help the medical system and to help remove the consequences of the pandemic on the economy, is extremely important, and all those who support Moldova deserve the gratitude of our country.

The press briefing of Minister Oleg Ţulea can be watched HERE.


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