The reunion of the EUBAM Advisory Council was held at MFAEI

Published on: Wed, 27/11/2019 - 18:18

27th of November 2019, Chișinău - At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration was held the 33rd meeting of the Consultative Council of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine - EUBAM, attended by representatives of the customs and border services of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, as well as representatives of the EU Delegation to Moldova, the OSCE Mission to Moldova and the International Organization for Migration.

The Moldovan delegation was led by the State Secretary of the MFAEI, Tatiana Molcean. The meeting was moderated by the head of the EU Delegation to Moldova, Ambassador Peter Michalko.

At the reunion, the report of the head of the EUBAM Mission, General Slavomir Pichor, was audited. It was refered on the activity carried out between June and October 2019, and the measures taken to further modernise the integrated management of the state border between Moldova and Ukraine, including in the Transnistrian sector, in accordance with European standards in this field.

In turn, the representatives of the partner services from the two neighbouring countries presented relevant comments and information regarding the activities carried out in order to achieve the objectives pursued, with special attention being paid to the development of joint control at border crossing points, combating illicit border phenomena, securing the central/Transnistrian sector of the border, etc.

In her speech, Tatiana Molcean expressed thanks to our European partners for the assistance provided in order to strengthen the institutional capacities and to increase the efficiency of the interaction between the border control services in the two neighbouring countries designed to help meet citizens' interests, fluidization of the traffic of goods and passengers, combating smuggling and organised crime, etc. She reiterated our country's interest in extending joint control to the border crossing points between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, including on its Transnistrian segment, in order to achieve the common objectives we are pursuing.

The participants adopted the conclusions and recommendations of the meeting and agreed to convene the next EUBAM Advisory Council meeting in Odessa, in June 2020.




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