Ratification, entry into force and provisional application

In order to enter into force, the Agreement had to be ratified by all signatory parts (the Republic of Moldova, the European Parliament and the 28 EU Member States), according to the internal procedures of each individual entity.

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova ratified this Agreement by Law no. 112 of July 2, 2014, promulgated by the Decree of the President no. 1237 of July 8, 2014, thus finalizing the internal ratification procedure of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement. The European Parliament ratified the Association Agreement on 13 November 2014.

Given that ratification is a lengthy process, it has been decided to apply provisionally from 1 September 2014 parts of the Agreement, in line with the EU Council Decision 2014/492 / EU. Once the Agreement was ratified by the legislative bodies of all EU states, on 1 July 2016 the Association Agreement began to be applied to the full extent.