Scientific cooperation

Since 1997, Moldova expanded its cooperation with NATO in the scientific area. Thus, at that time NATO supported two projects of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, worth about 153 thousand U.S. dollars, on the access of the Academy of Sciences to the Internet, and its further development.

In 1999 with the financial support of NATO was completed the project of creating the information network of the Academy of Sciences. Alliance also provided financial support for the "The Information Network of the Polytechnic Community” project, developed by the Academy of Sciences and the Polytechnic University of Moldova. With the help of NATO, in June was created the RENAM Association, which has an educational-information purpose. Scientific researchers from Moldova have been granted scholarships in Italy, Canada and other countries.

Also in the scientific dimension were achieved with the support of the Alliance some projects related to environmental security. One of these relates to the water management in the Prut and Nistru rivers, which consists in establishing a mechanism to continuously testing the level of pollution of the two rivers and alert if this level would exceed the critical parameters.


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