Special Attache (defense, military, air, naval, for home affairs)

The accrediting state will request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, through its diplomatic mission accredited in the Republic of Moldova, the agreement for the accreditation of the Special Attaché (not for his assistants).

The verbal note will be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae of the nomination proposed for these positions.

At the same time, according to point 2.2.3 of the Guide of Defense Attachés (military, aero, naval) within the Diplomatic Missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova, annex to the Order of the Minister of Defense no. 45 from January 30, 2017, amended by the Order of the Minister of Defense with no. 162 from March 6, 2020 - the verbal note requesting the agreement for the appointment of a Defense Attaché, military, naval or air, must be accompanied by the curriculum vitae and the biographical data form completed in accordance with Annex A-2 a of the above mentioned Guide.

The acceptance period is up to 6 weeks. Only after obtaining the consent of the accrediting state, the candidate for the position of Special Attaché can start his activity in the Republic of Moldova.

Upon arrival at the post, the MFAEI is notified about the beginning of the activity and the file is submitted in order to obtain the accreditation card, both for the incumbent and for the members of his family that accompany him.


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